WON won't let you connect via the multiplayer option in the game, so how do we play online?

Sadly, WON no longer supports vamp multiplayer so you can't play it online via the game's inbuilt 'internet' multiplayer option. You will need a program like Tunngle installed to let you play vamp online. This allows you to connect to a LAN network over the internet.

Please read the help section of our forum for more details on how to do this: http://bthecrimsonkeepforum.runboard.com/t162#post1053

In the lobby it says the game supports only up to 4 players per game

Ignore this. You can have up to 8 players in a game.

 You have problems logging into peoples games and get an error saying:
"Unable to connect, game may have ended or network problems exist"

Theres a couple of potential reasons for this...

- If you have a firewall then either disable it or open the following port number :

27960 for both UDP and TCP

Get used to logging out then in again. Sometimes when your in a room and a game opens, you will be unable to join unless you re-log.

- If you're using Hamachi or another program to have online LAN games make sure you check your settings with these programs too. For example, your router might be letting vamp through, but Hamachi might be getting blocked instead.

- Make sure the host has the skin your using, and you have the map the host is using.

You re-logged ( or got disconnected somehow ) and the game you were in has dissapeared!

Unfortunately games 'ghost' frequently. Either wait around to see if someone remakes the game, or contact one of the people you were in the game with and let them know. Theres not a lot anyone can do about preventing ghosting, so for you to get back in the game will have to be re-made.


Lots of / certain / female characters in the game look like Christof from the single player game when they're not supposed to.

If somebody is in a game when they don't have another player's skin installed, that player will automatically appear as the default male skin (Christof from the single-player game) - even if they're a female character. To resolve this problem, you need to install the skin file for the player you're not seeing correctly. Of course, some people do actually use the Christof skin for their character, so don't assume this error is the case with every Christof you see lol.

~(Written by Demortia and VampireRatz)~


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