To play in Crimson Keep games you will need to have the PC game 'Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption' installed.

You will also need a program called 'Tunngle' so you can play it online (the original 'Internet' option to play the game in multiplayer no longer works, so Tunngle has to be used to set up a LAN connection over the internet.) 


Files you will need to add once the game is installed:

If you're playing version 1.0 you will need the 1.1 Patch. (The version is already version 1.1, so the patch isn't required).

You will need win.rar installed to unzip the files below. Once unzipped, place the .NOB files in your main 'Vampire the Masquerade Redemption folder'. Notepad files are included with the files to provide further information on pack content, or further installation instructions. 


The latest packs and files we use for our games can be downloaded here:

The CK Skin Pack V2.5   (Made by various creators)

 Required Items and Props   (Made by various creators)

Extra DF Maps  (Made by Demortia)

Hells Gate London Map

Highgate Sanitarium  (Made by Demortia)

Prague by day

Temple Of Ultimate Darkness  (Made by Demortia)

The Crimson Keep (v2006) (Made by Demortia)

We also use's 'Maps of the Ages' and 'Gigapack' Content, which can be found on their website, here:

Maps of the Ages

The Gigapack

Please note: Some custom made files made by and for Crimson Keep members aren't available for public download. These files can only be obtained from a Crimson Keep Guild member and will be sent to guests/new members when required.

If you want to make use of the extra Storyteller commands available in the game, then you might want to download 'STorb'. Although it is suggested when hosting games, it is by no means required when playing with us.


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